ESP32 TouchDown

A full colour 3.5" (480*320) Capacitive Touch screen with an ESP32, battery management, USB-C and more. Easily programmable using the Arduino IDE, PlatormIO and optimised for running FreeTouchDeck. 

ESP32 TouchDown
Fully Featured

- ILI9488 3.5" (480*320) TFT screen in 4-wire SPI mode
- FT62x6 Capacitive Touch Controller
- APK2112 3.3V regulator
- MCP73831 battery management IC
- CP2102 USB-to-UART IC
- USB-C connector
- Piezo Speaker
- microSD card holder
- Battery voltage divider connected to GPIO35
- Stemma / JST-PH I2C connector
- Compact size: 100x57x15mm


The ESP32 TouchDown is optimised for FreeTouchDeck. FreeTouchDeck speeds up your workflow by letting you create menus of macros and shortcuts. It's easily configurable with a browser-based configurator.


Be creative


ESP32 TouchDown works with multiple TFT libraries and a Touch library is available.

Arduino IDE

Use the Arduino IDE to easily create you own project with a capacitive touch TFT.


Use the provided examples as a starting point for YOUR project.

ESP32 TouchDown OSHW

Open Source

All design files, the schematic, the Bill of Materials (BOM), and documentation are Open Source and certified by OSHW.

Need Help?


Find all the information you need on


Join the Discord and ask your questions to me and other ESP32 TouchDown users

Where to buy?

Shipping from The Netherlands

Tindie is a platform where you can buy awesome things directly from makers. The ESP32 TouchDown is shipped by me from The Netherlands.


Shipping from China

You can order an ESP32 TouchDown from PCBWay. If you also order some of your own PCB's, they will be shipped together. Fun fact, the PCB's for the ESP32 TouchDown are made by them!

Shipping from the UK

Eplop LTD is a small company which was setup as a forum to sell their own creations as well as some 3D printer accessories. They are expanding into selling other makers products which shall increase over time. And now also the ESP32 TouchDown!

Shipping from The Netherlands is a marketplace for electronic enthusiasts with a focus on the open-hardware and DIY electronics community.The ESP32 TouchDown is shipped by me from The Netherlands.

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